Cleveland Ohio's Van Ness Stone, The Stone Specialist Company

Natural Stone Vendors

Since 1917, The Briar Hill Stone Company has quarried and fabricated sandstone for a wide variety of building projects. The combination of warm earth tone shades, textures and durability have made it a popular building material.
Since 1868, Cleveland Quarries has followed the time honored tradition of quarrying and fabricating sandstone from the Amherst and Birmingham, Ohio area. Spanning an area of 1000 acres and containing over 300 million cubic feet of deposits, these quarries are both the oldest and largest in existence. Vast and awe inspiring, the area was formed billions of years ago during the Lower Carboniferous Period, and Evolutionary Era when continents were shaped and rock materials such as Silica, Magnesia and Lime were carried and deposited by the action of waves.
NSVI’s Fond du Lac location, once a rented facility accommodating 8 employees, is now a 12 acre campus under full ownership of NSVI™. On the grounds are housed sales, production and storage areas. A second NSVI™ production facility operates out of Bulgaria. Its products are exported to the United States, further expanding the available product line. Over 60 standard products are currently available, and are marketed through a network of distributors throughout the United States.


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