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Old Foundation Barnstone

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Before about 1910 almost all barn foundations were built from local stone. After 1905 portland cement started becoming available and concrete became more widely used for barn and other farmstead foundations.

Commonly, the footers for stone foundations and even concrete foundations were not placed below frost. Top layers of sod and topsoil were removed to expose hardpan where that subsoil exists or trenches were dug out to remove only sod and grass roots for a depth of a foot or so. A fieldstone footer was laid directly on this base and a foundation wall or plinth stones or concrete was laid on top of the footer.

The most common repair for the foundation of ground barns is to have to straighten the stone foundation wall or the plinths. This can be accomplished by pushing the stonework back to plumb and/or rebuilding the wall or plinth in place with the original stone or local stone after lifting the barn if necessary.

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