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Reclaimed Antique Stone


Barnstone makes great retaining walls, garden walls and veneer stones. While using this stone for veneer purposes, the mason must cut each stone down to a 4" bed depth. This compliments many other stones when using it for wall veneers.


Cobblestones are used in many ways, such as: walkways, patios, walls, edging and accent pieces. These stones come in different colors and sizes. The most common size is 5"x5"x9".


Used curbs stone is perfect for creating your outdoor steps. Curbs usually come 5" to 7" high, 16" to 20" deep and very in length from 36" to 72" and they are either sandstone or granite.

Road Brick

Road Brick is old brick removed from streets. These make a good patios, walkways and garden walls. Most road bricks come un-cleaned, however, for a nominal fee these can be cleaned prior to delivery.


Sidewalk material comes from construction sites that are removed from old city walks. This is a sandstone material and is approximately 2" thick and can come irregular or square/rectangular.


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