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Our company sees a trend in construction toward natural materials. For exterior use, stone is the perfect accompaniment to brick or siding, and is incorporated into many architectural designs, both contemporary and traditional. For many new home builders, the rising cost of lumber makes stone a cost effective alternative when maintenance is considered.

Aesthetically, a stone front house or chimney of stone makes a striking accent. A patio and/or walkway of stone can be formal or casual, manicured or interspersed with trailing herbs; a retaining wall can be a surround for a flowerbed or a snaking four-foot-high wall. Boulders of many different sizes can accent a drive or flowerbed. The look the homeowner wants can be achieved with stone in a variety of ways.

Many uses for Stone

We Love Helping With You

Our outside display area includes a sample walk of a variety of stone, a retaining wall display, and numerous display walls for fireplace or veneer walls. The inside display includes veneer displays, various stone floors and photographs of completed homes for a wealth of ideas.

You are welcome to visit and wander the yard, showroom and fabricating facility. No one leaves without a new idea or project in mind.